LRC Training Course
2011/2012 developed by Marta Asensio.
2012/2013 developed by Jorge Freire.
This course focuses on using the interactive and media rich features of Moodle. It also focuses on collaborative development of resources and collaborative learning activities (forums, glossaries, etc.)
The learning objectives for it are:
  • understanding the pedagogical concepts that help produce good learning design;
  • developing learning design knowledge and skills that allow for the creation, in Moodle, of learning experiences that are engaging, learner-centred and lead to active learning.
The learning design focuses on a few basic pedagogical principles:
  • clarity of communication;
  • the use of engaging tone of writing that is based on sound instructional communication principles.
  • contextualisation of resources and activities.
  • use of motivational multimedia and Web 2.0 resources that reflect the needs, interests and experiences of digital natives;
  • promoting collaborative learning;
  • giving feedback that encourages reflection;
  • developing resources collaboratively;
  • scaffolding activities;
  • promoting group work;
  • creating diferentiated learning experiences.
  • promoting digital literacy skills.
  • seeing learning design as iterative and evidence-based, using Moodle's affordances as sources of information for redesign.

The main teaching strategies reflect these objectives and principles:

  • Forums
  • Glossaries
  • Creation of resources and activities
  • Reflective practice

As the course runs asynchornously, there won't be collaborative learning activities.

Course started running on: 07/01/2013


  • Two new colleagues joined the LRC team, and they had not completed last year's course. This year's course required that knowledge. Marta gave them a 1-1 and they will complete last year's course.
  • Some links did not work. I could not find out why. I re-uploaded the files I had linked. 
  • It is time consuming to update activities twice: in the Page/Book and in the Forum/other activity. 
  • Course completion varied from staff member to staff member; next time, define clearer completion dates for topics.
  • One activity to create material that requires collaborative development after completion of first book and some elements of active learning would be good idea; proposed and it is on stand-by. Push it
  • Participation is erratic; we need check-up points and a link to assessment reviews and objectives for completion
  • We need a way to display news and get people to read and comment.