Teacher: Carole Davison
A course to develop manager's skills and confidence in dealing with safeguarding, (encompassing both child protection and wellbeing of all students).

The course will be compulsory and progress will be tracked. HR will be responsible for completion tracking.

Learning objectives

The course is designed to enable staff to study independently and get a good overview of safeguarding issues.

Participants will be  able to

  • Identify vulnerable learners
  • Take appropriate action to safeguard them
  • Know their own roles and responsibilites towards students and one another
  • Promote safer professional practice
  • Know and understand college policies related to safeguarding
  • For those responsible for recruitment, know what checks to include in the recruiting process.

Learning design principles:

  • Addressing course participants directly “You will...”
  • Topics and activities sequenced logically and contextualised within a narrative
  • Clear instructions on how to access the activities
  • Initial diagnostic quiz to determine which topics need to be studied, by providing feedback on weak areas
  • Avoiding long blocks of text to preserve interest
  • A combination of information and interactive activities
  • Use of quizzes to teach rather than test
  • Glossary for technical jargon/abbreviations
  • Use of images and video to aid learning
  • Two alternative modules for safer recruitment, for managers and non-managers.